THE VALLEY OF HOPE: When the rain inside seems to never clear up, Childrain encourages you to find the path of the strength and fight against your inner demons. There is always light in the end of the tunnel, focus on yourself and let others help. This is a song for the brave, a wild and melodic track for the fallen… A need of screaming that there is hope for everyone. In the end, in one way or another, we all find our valley of hope. Repeating the chorus as a mantra will help in your fight.

OMEGA: The planet needs a rest from all of us. This is Childrain´s conviction on the greedy damage that humans are causing to the mother earth. Armed with powerful walls of guitars and a groovy dark drumming, the quintet from the Basque Country defeats humanity on this epic tune. Representing every element from nature, the apocalyptic premonition burst into an inspirational chorus that is destined to be sung along by thousands, in the name of all the living creatures of the planet. This is Omega, an anthem against mankind.

INTERSTELLAR: Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? A terrific example of the brain´s power without a doubt. And what if it wasn´t a brain illusion? If it was as real as a heartbeat? Interstellar tells you the truth after the initial panic is dominated. A journey with a dense rhythm base that lets the guitars and the vocals fly across time and space. Let the inner vibrations flow and discover the unknown magic from your true existence. Discover yourself, be your own god

WAKE THE GHOST: Surrealistic visions that are combined with reality bites, where the mind and body travel with no end. A soul that sees all dimensions, time and space, eternity. With this astral journey Childrain describes an inner power that beats inside every one of us, but only the most spiritual will achieve. The connection with your own eternal ghost and realizing that everything is inside us is the leitmotiv of this mystical song. Groovy guitars with colorful choruses is a trademark of the band and this is a remarkable example. The ghost is you.